10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Content Writer

What is content writing?

The term “content” refers to the written material that appears on a website and blog. Content writing involves creating articles, blog posts, and other content for a website or blog. Good content helps business owners increase their readership base and improve search engine rankings. A significant portion of internet users rely solely on online content to make purchase decisions. Good content, therefore, is vital for the success of online businesses.

Why does your business need a content writer?

The answer is simple: to attract and retain new customers. Here are some reasons why your business needs a content writer:

1.      They help increase traffic to websites

One of the primary goals of any business is to attract as many new customers as possible. Content writers create content that helps you achieve this goal.

A well-written blog post or article is easily shared on social media sites and platforms like Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, etc., which attracts targeted traffic (or free traffic) to the business website. This increases your search engine rankings and helps you reach a larger audience.

2.      Content writers help target new markets

Writing blog posts and articles that appeal to your target market is key to increasing website visitors and maintaining long-term content writing services relationships with these visitors. Incorporating keywords into your content helps increase search engine rankings, which in turn increases online visibility. Note that 49% of internet users say they use Google to find a new item or product.

3.      Attracting new customers

There are various methods of online content marketing, but one thing holds true for all: you can never have too much content! Content writing services companies offer different content types such as blog posts, articles, web copy, and e-books. These writers will produce the said content with strict adherence to your company’s message, brand voice, and target audience.

4.      Help you engage with your audience

A growing company should take care of its customer base. Having an active social media presence helps businesses get better search engine rankings, attracting more traffic that can be converted into potential buyers. Content writers who specialize in SEO content writing services will optimize content to reach your target audience. Here some great social media marketing techniques you can use.

5.      Content writers increase your chances of being found online

No matter how impressive a product or service is, it will do you little good if no one knows that your business exists! Content writing services companies specialize in creating content that can be published in various locations. This includes content on your website, blog posts, articles, and guest blog posts on other related sites. Such content drives relevant traffic to your business site, increasing chances of conversions into paying customers.

6.      Maintaining consistency in your company’s brand voice

Having a content writer who knows your company’s message is a great idea. You would want your content to sound as if it came straight from your marketing department. Content writers will also suggest how you can improve conversion rates on your website by modifying or changing certain areas of content that may need fixing.

7.      Content writing services save money

Hiring a content writer is an investment. Aside from being cost-effective in terms of expense and time, you can save while building your brand. Content writing services generate quality content that helps get your business noticed. This ultimately leads to more customers, which will make up for the initial costs of hiring a professional writer. You also save time that you would have spent writing all your content.

8.      Writers know how to satisfy your target audience

Every business has a target audience. Content writers know the factors that are important when writing for such an audience. Whether it’s the right tone, correct words to use, or overall presentation, a content writer will create engaging and attention-grabbing content. They’ve already done this countless times, so they know what works and what doesn’t!

9.      Content writing services can help you gain credibility

The best way to gain credibility is to create content that will impress your target audience. Show them you are knowledgeable about the industry and do not have to copy others’ content to get attention. Content writing services can help you achieve this!

10.  Increasing your visibility as an industry leader

By exercising creativity and writing quality content, a content writer can help build trust with your target audience. And if you happen to be the best at what you do or one of the best, then share it with everyone! Make it easy for potential customers to find you, just like you would a brand name when looking for something.

How to find the best content writer for your company

How do you find the best content writing services? You can start by checking the Internet for a reputable search engine or review site. However, there is more than one way to go about finding high-quality content writers. For example, you could:

– Ask friends, family, and colleagues if they have any recommendations – The people around you are the best people to ask. They’ll be the ones who are familiar with your strengths and weaknesses and what specific type of content you need for your business.

– Ask other businesses if they have a content writer – The easiest way to find a quality content writer is by asking others who have hired one in the past. You can reach them through social media, blogs, or discussion forums.

– Use your favourite search engine to find content writing services – The Internet is a great place to find both free and paid content writers. You can also ask other businesses if they know of any reputable ones that you can contact directly.

– Check with your company’s human resources department – It never hurts to go straight to the source! Your company’s HR department would have at least a couple of content writers in their database.

– Check with your company’s advertising or marketing department for any recommendations – They’ll have contacts that they trust and respect, so you can get some solid referrals from them.

– Ask your business partner/life partner if they can recommend someone – It’s always good to meet professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable about various industries. Listen to what they have to say because you never know where you can find a reputable content writing service.

– Go online and check review sites for content writing services – There is no better means of discovering the best content provider than by reading reviews from past clients. Take note of their complaints and compliments; you can use this information for your decision-making.

– Check the Internet for freelance content providers – Freelance content writers are easy to find online. Some are even available on social media sites like LinkedIn that you happen to be a member of.

What are some common mistakes that businesses make when hiring their first content writer, and how you can avoid them

Every business makes mistakes when it comes to hiring. However, these mistakes are preventable, and you should take action right now so you can avoid them for your own company!

Failing to do research

If you want the best content writing service possible, then you have to do some homework. Check out what other companies who were in your shoes did. If they have recommendations, then follow them! They will only lead to more success for you, too.

Not factoring in the budget

You have a budget for all your content needs and hiring a freelance writer is no different. Find out how much content writing services cost before you choose someone so you can avoid overpaying.

Not putting everything in writing

If your content writer is a freelancer, which they are likely to be if you’re just starting out, you should understand what they expect from you before hiring them. You can find many examples online for reference.

Not getting feedback on the work

It helps to know how others receive your content. You can even get assistance from your writer in this area!

Hiring writers without references

It’s best to be safe than sorry when it comes to hiring a content writer, so you’ll want to check their references first before making a final decision. Any reputable content writing service should have no problem with giving you references upon request – they should be proud of their work.

Choosing the wrong content writer for your small business

If you need e-commerce content writing services, then it’d be best to contact someone who has experience with that instead of a blog writer or a copywriter. The same goes for legal content writers, web content writers, and so on.

Not getting lots of samples

If you’re not sure about your writer or the written content, then request more samples before deciding. You can also use these samples to decide if this is someone you want to do business with. For example, if their samples have a lot of fluff, then perhaps you should move on.

Not planning ahead

What are your content needs? How much will you need? What do you want to write about in the future? These questions can be answered with a little bit of research, so make sure that you take the time to think it through and create a plan for your content writing.

Not purchasing unlimited revisions

If you order a blog post and it isn’t right, you have to wait until the writer has time to get revisions done. It’s best that you know everything will be okay if something goes wrong so you can make changes as soon as possible. Don’t waste money on content that isn’t up to your standards – it’s harder than ever before to attract visitors these days, especially if your content is subpar.

Not knowing what you want beforehand

If you’re feeling intimidated by the thought of hiring a content writer, then just tell them what you want in as much detail as possible. If possible, provide examples of what you want the final product to look like so there aren’t any misunderstandings.

Not having a content strategy

Just because you can write doesn’t mean that it will be easy for others to understand. Ensure that your business has a plan to ensure that the readers will benefit most from each piece of content and not just your business.

Not checking their resume

How do you know if someone can write well? That’s right: you check their resume. You wouldn’t want to hire a mechanic without checking their license, would you? Likewise, please don’t hire a content writer unless they show you samples of their work and prove that they’re trustworthy.

Not having an outline

If the content doesn’t have an outline, then it will be very difficult for your content writer to create content that fits your company’s standards.

Not hiring professionals

Don’t make the mistake of hiring someone who cannot write well just because they’re cheap or you need a fast turnaround time. It will not be worth it in the end, so save yourself some trouble and invest in another person who knows what they’re doing.

Not being forthcoming

If you want a blog post about a certain subject, then make sure that the writer knows what kind of tone and style you’d like used throughout the content piece. Simply saying “I don’t mind” or “make it fun” is not enough because it leads to a lot of confusion.

Not following up on the progress

Do you know what your writer is doing or if they’re even working at all? Follow up with them once in a while, so you’ll learn how things are going and whether you need to make changes to the content writing project.

Not following up on edits

This is a continuation of the last point, but if you’re expecting something and it doesn’t get done, don’t be afraid to follow up with your writer. Most writers are friendly people who will respond promptly, so don’t fret.

Content writing is an integral part of any marketing strategy. It’s not just about making your company look good, it’s the future, and a content writer will help you reach more customers online. If you want quality content for your business that drives sales, let us know! Our team can create blog posts or articles to suit your needs at unbeatable prices. Contact our experts today if you need content writing services like blog post writing and web content writing.

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